Eating a well-balanced healthy diet is crucial for achieving optimal health. Food provides our bodies with the appropriate fuel it needs to develop and function properly. Any recommendations by Blissful Bellies food coaches are aimed to eliminate the foods that may be causing issues now and later in life and to develop health promoting eating habits. Don’t forget that participating in any nutritional assessments or programs you are partnering with Blissful Bellies which means you are making a commitment to your health. You should follow any advice, programs and/or instructions to the best of your ability to maximise your results and better achieve your goals. Blissful Bellies will provide you with the support and information required to achieve your goals however remember – the ultimate results are up to you!

Any advice provided to you by Blissful Bellies does not constitute medical advice. If you require advice in relation to any matter you should consult an appropriate health professional. In particular if you are pregnant, have a chronic disease or on prescribed medication check with your doctor before making any dietary changes. Make sure you exclude any foods which you are allergic to.

Recommendations provided by Blissful Bellies is based on healthy eating and removing unhealthy foods. It excludes inflammatory foods such as wheat, dairy and refined carbohydrates. It includes healthy oils, good quality protein and a wide range of vitamins and minerals.