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Here at Blissful Bellies we believe that eating in a way that respects and nurtures our bodies is the key to a healthy lifestyle!


We understand that there is a lot of conflicting and confusing information out there today surrounding “healthy eating”. It is our aim to support individuals and families in breaking down the confusion and bringing it all back to basics. We will show you what it takes to have a happy healthy lifestyle and that healthy eating can be EASY!

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    Confused About What To Eat?

    We will tailor your personalised nutritional report to your health goals and highlight simple changes you can make instantly.

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    Not Sure Where To Start?

    We will give you guidelines for a ‘typical’ healthy eating plan PLUS essential information on how to put it altogether.

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    Looking For Extra Support?

    Receive access to an online food coach for any questions.

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  • Herb Chicken and Potato 30 Minute Dinner
  • BBQ Sauce

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Premium Recipes

  • The BEST Paleo, Vegan Friendly Tortillas (nut free too)!
  • Choc Coffee Panncotta
  • Baked Blueberry Fat Bomb Balls
  • The BEST Paleo, Vegan Flat Bread (nut free too)!
  • "Picnic" Bar - Healthified
  • Good For You Choc Top Chocolate Panna Cotta

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The constant nutritional advice from Naomi at Blissful Bellies has ensured I continue to stay healthy and give my body the best chance to perform at its highest level in my sport. I have also found my recovery to be quicker which has greatly supported my role as a professional Athlete.


I have never been on a program like this before in that I felt full while losing weight but my overall wellbeing was great in that I had more energy was sleeping better and my clarity of mind was significantly improved. The recipes were delicious while also helping me to learn more about getting the nutrition balance right. I was able sustain the weight loss even after I finished the food plan.


I found that the food was easy to prepare, which was good when I was working away, made me feel full and tasted great. While on the food plan I never felt ravishingly hungry like I used too. The meal plan helped me recognize what foods were good for my body and what were not.