Our Mission

To inspire, educate and empower you to create health promoting habits, generating a life of vitality and longevity.

Meet Naomi

Naomi Pearce is a wife, mother of 4, qualified nutritional coach, passionate advocate for a holistic approach to health and founder of Blissful Bellies. Naomi’s mission is to help support other “every day” families in “eating their way to holistic health”. Having had her own journey in turning around her families eating and lifestyle habits, she knows too well how conflicting and confusing the information is particularly around healthy eating. This is why Blissful Bellies was created… to help break down any barriers that may exist and to join you and your family on the journey to a life of vitality and longevity.

Our Story

Blissful Bellies story began in 2012 with the ill health of one of Andrew and Naomi’s children. After many visits to General Practitioner’s with little or no improvement to their child’s health, Andrew and Naomi consulted a Natural Therapies Practitioner. Whilst still a little sceptical to be heading down this road, through the consultation, they were advised their child was gluten intolerant, dairy intolerant and to remove as much refined sugars from their child’s diet as possible and a strict diet was adopted and implemented for two weeks. The transformation with their child, in relation to his energy, behaviour and overall persona, was astonishing. This amazing change was the catalyst for Andrew and Naomi beginning their exploration into foods and the effect they have on our bodies. Since this time they have invested enormous amounts of time into understanding the functions of food and how they can create the best foundations for their family’s health today and for the future.

As a result of this journey, the changes they have made to their lifestyle and the many questions and queries that have followed from family, friends and strangers; Blissful Bellies was born. Blissful Bellies aim is to support individuals and families begin, or continue, taking steps in creating life transforming, health promoting habits so that you too can reap the rewards of living blissfully in your belly. Their aim is to simplify the contradictive information presented today surrounding healthy eating and to present this information practically that encourages eating healthy to be a reachable priority for everyone. Through healthy, ‘clean’ eating and informed decision making we encourage all people to join the journey of ‘eating your way to holistic health’.

What We’re About

Here at Blissful Bellies we believe that eating in a way that respects and nurtures our bodies is the key to a healthy lifestyle. We understand that there is a lot of conflicting and confusing information out there today surrounding “healthy eating” and it is our aim to support individuals and families in breaking down the confusion and bringing it all back to basics, by simply eating “real food”.

We want to support you and share with you in your journey to a happy healthy lifestyle by creating a “blissful belly”. We are passionate about what we have to share as we have reaped the benefits of developing new healthy habits particularly through the way we eat.

Our aim is to deliver comprehensive and relevant information for everyone! We place great value in supporting all people from every walk in life, in achieving and maintaining a “blissful belly”. We endeavour to do this through delivering not only nutritional coaching to our clients but also an online “HUB” full of resources, expert advice and like-minded members to connect with. We also pride ourselves in having a holistic approach, by authentically engaging with you with our down to earth attitude and simplistic ideals.